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I grew up in a Navy family and learned etiquette and protocol from my parents. This life experience combined with my education has resulted in my passion for etiquette.


Our Approach

Due to a varied background I am able to work with diverse groups of all ages.


Promote good manners to increase good business; persons of all capabilities


30 Minute Complimentary Consultation

Contact Priscilla (even her name exudes etiquette). Did you know it is impossible to learn the nuances of etiquette training online? Have your first impression skills evaluated, including the most important of all--your handshake! 


The Right Way to Easy Etiquette (docx)


Why Etiquette Training?

Some details


LinkedIn articles, The Right Way to Easy Etiquette, Pinellas County FL Disability manual (co-author)

Mission statement:

Good manners equals good business

FACT: 80% of life and career success is directly related to one's soft skills

Soft skills are the leading edge in all areas of life. These skills include: manners, etiquette, and protocol; ruled by common sense and common courtesy

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